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Preparation Room

Preparation Room

This large room is at the hub of our operating area. It leads into the kennels and to separate operating theatres, dental and diagnostic imaging rooms.

To ensure as comfortable an experience as possible patients for surgery are given pre medication prior to the anaesthetic and this will reduce their anxiety, reduce the amount of anaesthetic required, enable a smooth recovery from anaesthesia and it starts pain relief in advance of surgery which is much more effective.

Once sedated the anaesthetic is administered to a relaxed pet and once asleep they are prepared for surgery. This consists of clipping hair from the operating site, cleaning and disinfecting the skin, and after being thoroughly prepared the patient is moved into an operating theatre for maximum sterility.

All anaesthetics are monitored by a trained nurse from start to finish.

Some operations are dirtier than others and these cases are dealt with after the most sterile work to avoid contamination.
Minor operations and the dirty ops such as infected wounds and abscesses are performed in the preparation room.

Post operatively the patients are monitored in this room during their recovery, and they are then returned to their individual kennel. Post operatively smaller patients, especially Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are more likely to suffer from hypothermia and these are placed in our incubaters as necessary.The same applies to older patients and their recoveries are significantly better as a result of this.

In patient examinations, treatments and the placement of intravenous dips also take place in here.

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